Spring Solutions Limited

Spring Solutions was a software company based in Oxfordshire, UK, specialising in web applications.

In 2008, Spring Solutions started work on building a platform for creating web-based database applications called Exprodo and the first Exprodo application, Calpendo.

This resulted in the first live site using Calpendo in June 2009 at the University of Oxford. In February 2012, it was decided to start a new company, Conaptic Limited (later renamed to Exprodo Software Limited, that would further develop Exprodo-based products. This change was done for two reasons. First, if you do an internet search for “Spring Solutions”, you find all sorts of things unrelated to the company. Consequently a new (and unique) name was required. Second, the Spring Solutions founder, Paul Robinson, took on a business partner who is a long time friend, and it was felt cleaner to start a new company. Unfortunately, that business partner has since had to leave Exprodo Software for health reasons.

Spring Solutions Limited was wound up in 2013, and all rights and IP have passed to Exprodo Software Limited. Spring Solutions Limited was registered in England and Wales as company number 3345992.

Paul Robinson continues to lead Exprodo Software, and the company has continued to grow in both number of clients and employees.

For further information, please see www.exprodo.com, www.conaptic.com and www.calpendo.com.

Paul Robinson